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May 15, 2009

I added 25 more adds today including six from May 1977. The rest are from May and June 1978. There's two additions to the News page from WXYZ including one for the five-part series "Four and a Half Million People Can't be Wrong" which aired June 24-30, 1978 from 7:30 -8:00. There's one for Daredevil Week on the 4:00 Movie on the channel 7 page. There's one addition to the channel 9 page as well. I also added an ad for "Black Jesus" on the WGPR page. Look for two more Jeff Heitz adds on the channel 11 page Also there is one for the Ordination of Rev, James Hoffman on 6/23/78. Also there is an ad for "The Execution of Private Slovik" and one for "The Sugarland Express" with Goldie Hawn. There are 2 more ads on the channel 13 page, one for Jim Mengel's Sports Quiz and one for Live, Color Radar. You can find ad with Cary Grant in "Destination Tokyo" and one with the Marx Brothers in "Room Service." Also on the channel 50 page is an ad for Imus, Plus... and some ads for The Festival of Television with Jack Benny, Bob Cummings and Gale Storm. You can find two ads for the 1978 mini-series "The Bastard" also. One is on the channel 2 page and one is on the channel 24 page. Also there are two more 24 News ads. On the channel 20 page you can find another 700 Club ad and one for 20's early evening schedule in May 1978.


May 14, 2009

I uploaded 26 more ads today. There are three more on the News page and I added another TV2 Prime Time Movie ad, a TV2 news ad with Beverly Payne, Joe Glover and Walter Cronkite and one for the premiere of America 2-Night with Martin Mull on the channel 2 page. There's another Bowling for Dollars ad, a Detroit Tigers ad and one for the first anniversary of This Morning on the channel 4 page. I added another to the channel 9 page for The Odd Couple and MTM. There are some more channel 11 ads: one for All in the Family and Match Game, some more ads for The Big Show and one for Jump Into Spring at the Toledo Sports Arena. I added another 24 News ad, a Comedy Classics ad and one for the premiere of America 2-Night to the channel 24 page. There's an ad for a Metric Conversion Calculator on the Other Vintage ads page and another 700 Club ad on the channel 20 page and another ad for Dallas on the CBS page. I added an ad for TV50 News Scene with Byron MacGregor and some more channel 50 movie ads to the WKBD page.

Just to let you know, anyone can leave comments, suggestions or even requests in the comment section below.

Coming soon: Marx Brothers, Don Imus and Festival of Television.


May 13, 2009

First, I'd like to thank Chris S. for posting the link to this page on the Michigan Radio & TV Buzzboard last week. That link alone has provided most of the traffic here. I hope everybody who found this site there have been enjoying the ads. I plan to start posting there once my account is activated.

I added 28 more ads today including one with the TV2 news team in February 1978 and 4 ads for TV2 prime time movies. There are four additional ads for News 4 featuring John Butte, Dwayne X. Riley, Doug Bruckner and Robert Vito. There's a new TV20 ad, a channel 9 ad and 2 new channel 13 ads as well. Toledo Goaldiggers fans will find an ad on the channel 11 page for a game with the Fort Wayne Komets broadcast in 1978 along with another Heitz-Ashton-Tabner ad and a Mary Tyler Moore show ad on the channel 11 page. I added another Kelly & Company ad to the channel 7 page and a "The Three Stooges Meet Hercules" ad on the channel 50 page. You'll find three more ads on the CBS page including one for the Dallas premiere. Roy Rogers promoting Vita-Flea is one of 2 additional ads on the Other Vintage Ads page.


May 12, 2009

I added five more ads to the News Special Reports page from February 1978. I also added four more to the WTOL page: 2 for The Big Show, one for ch 11 news, and one for the best game show ever, The Match Game with Gene Rayburn. That one is for Dick DeBartolo (http://gizwizbiz.com/). Note: There are other ads for Match Game PM on the channel 7 and channel 13 pages and one for Match Game '77 on the CBS page. I also put up 2 channel 24 ads. One is for news and one for Sha Na Na. I also added four to the channel 50 page. One is an ad for Wolverine Basketball, one for a Shirley Temple movie, one for Bill Kennedy's "Hunchback of Notre Dame"  and one for the Tomorrow Show's move from channel 4 to channel 50. There are three new ads for channel 4's News 4 Plus Four and one for The Muppet Show. I also added an ad with Robbie Timmons, Joe Glover and Beverly Payne to the channel 2 page and a channel 7 ad for Planet of the Apes week on the 4:00 Movie to the Sci-Fi & Horror Movies page.


May 11, 2009

I only put up eight ads today. There's one for the 62 Auction Movie, four ABC ads including one for How the West Was Won and three more on the Other Vintage Ads page. One with Ted Baxter for JVC Vidstar VCR and Video Camera, one for a Regency Scanner and one with Muhammed Ali for dCON. All of these ads are from early 1978. I should be putting up some more tomorrow.     UPDATE: I just noticed that I hadn't uploaded alot of the channel nine ads. I put up 28 more, so check them out.