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August 13, 2017: See America's Number 1 Television Show

There are ten more ads today, all from January 1949 editions of The Blade. There are four additions, all Peach Section ads, to the Channel 13 gallery starting with a Monday, 1/3/49 ad for "Parlor Story" on Philco Television Playhouse, starring Dean Jagger and Edith Atwater and hosted by Bert Lytell. Next is a Friday, 1/7/49 ad, for a review of bowl games on Touchdown, sponsored by Toledo Television Corp. There's also a Thursday, 1/13/49 ad, for The Swift Show, starring Lanny Ross, followed by a Tuesday, 1/18/49 ad, for The Texaco Star Theatre starring Milton Berle and guest stars Carmen Miranda and Tony Martin (Tonight and Every Tuesday Night, see America's Number 1 Television Show). There are five additions, all from the Peach Section, to the Radio Station Ads gallery, all for shows on WSPD-AM 1370. There's a Thursday, 1/6/49 ad, for Screen Guild Players Ingrid Bergman, John Hodiak, and J. Carrol Naish, in "Notorius," sponsored by Camel Cigarettes. Next is a Friday, 1/7/49 ad, for The Eddie Cantor Show with Al Jolson and Dinah Shore, Harry Von Zell, and Cookie Fairchild's Orchestra. The show was sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. It's followed by another 1/7/49 ad, for The Lassie Show, sponsored by Red Heart 3-Flavor Dog Food, There's also a Thursday, 1/13/49 ad, for the Screen Guild Theater presentation of "So Evil My Love" with Ray Milland and Deborah Kerr, again, sponsored by Camel Cigarettes. And there's a Tuesday, 1/18/49 ad, for The Alan Young Show, sponsored by Tums. Today's last ad is an addition to the Other Vintage ads gallery. It's a Tuesday, 1/13/49 ad, on page 3, for the March of Dimes ("Polio Strikes 171 Toledoans in 1948!). More January 1949 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...

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