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June 11, 2017: We're Excited About BuckeYe2K

There are thirteen more ads today, from the December 11-17, 1999 issue of TV Guide Magazine, and from December 12, 14 & 17, 1999 editions of The Blade, plus two Random Pages gallery additions, from pages of The Blade, a Monday, 12/13/99 Peach Section column by Chris Borrelli, titled "Will Channel 11's Heitz Drop His Anchor?" Mr. Heitz would not retire until January 15, 2001, by the way. There are also two other items, about local stations being carried by satellite TV services, and about the end of Soundscapes on WGTE-FM. There's also a Tuesday, 12/14/99 Sports Section story by Donald Emmins, "Switch to Lions Bad Timing For Fox 36." There's one addition, from TV Guide, to the ABC gallery, a Sunday 12/12/99 full-paged ad for "Switching Goals" on The Wonderful World of Disney, starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. There's also one addition, from TV Guide, to the FOX gallery, a Tuesday, 12/14/99 ad for Mariah Carey's Homecoming Special. There are two more WBGU-TV27 additions, from TV Guide, to the PBS gallery, a Saturday, 12/11/99 ad for Bee Gees: One Night Only, and a Sunday, 12/12/99 ad for The Peter Paul and Mary Holiday Concert. The next four ads are all from The Blade. There are three additions to the Buckeye CableSystem gallery, starting with a Saturday, 12/11/99 ad, in the Peach Section, for Buckeye Express High-Speed Internet Service (How much is your time worth?...See It at the Show...), followed by a Sunday, 12/12/99 TV Week ad (We're Excited About BuckeYe2k). There's also a Friday, 12/17/99 ad, in the Peach Section, for America Drinks: History in a Glass, on the History Channel. There's one addition to the ToledoVision 5 gallery, a Sunday, 12/12/99 TV Week ad, another "TV5 Millennium Moment" ad with TV5 host Theresa Pollick (Buckeye CableSystem brought cable to Toledo in 1966...). Both TV Week ads were scanned from an actual newspaper copy. The rest of today's ads are additions, from TV Guide, to the Vintage Cable Ads gallery. There's a Sunday, 12/12/99 full-page ad for "Hefner Unathorized" on USA, with General Hospital's Rebecca Herbst as Barbi Benton. Next are two more 12/12/99 ads, an E! ad for E! True Hollywood Story, including the premiere of the show on the cast of Gilligan's Island, followed by a USA/Sci-Fi Channel ad for The Galaxy Quest 20th Anniversary Special. There's also a Monday, 12/13/99 full-page ad for A&E's Biography (Who will be Biography of the Year?), followed by a Tuesday, 12/14/99 full-page ad for The Great American History Quiz on History Channel. More ads, from the December 18-24, 1999 issue of TV Guide Magazine, and from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...

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