February 11, 2019: These Are Your Rights

There are nine additions today, all from August 1955, however, once again, there are no ads for TV stations, but there are two radio station ads...

One addition to the Other Radio Stations/Networks Gallery:

Thursday, 8/11/55 ad, for the Toledo Bar Association's series of radio programs (These Are Your Rights) on WSPD-AM, WTOL-AM, WTOD-AM and WOHO-AM. That week's topic was "Basis of Legal Rights."

One addition to the WOHO-WXEZ-WKLR Gallery:

Monday, 8/15/55 ad, for Don Evans with The Hi-Ho Show.

There's one addition to The Blade Peach Section Gallery 1:

Saturday, 8/12/55 'On The Beam' items, by Ray Oviatt, about WWJ-AM's 35th anniversary, The $64,000 Question on radio, and Dick Kazmaier.

There are also six "other" ads...

One addition to the Toledo Area Events Gallery # 2:

Friday, 8/12/55 ad, for Toledo Beach on Lake Erie (Beat the heat, It's always cooler at Toledo Beach).

One addition to the Auto Manufacturers/Dealers Ads Gallery:

Friday, 8/19/55 ad, for Ford F-100 pickup trucks, "America's lowest-priced V-8 pickup."

Four additions to the Utilities Gallery:

Monday, 8/22/55 ad, for "The Railroads Serving Toledo."

Wednesday, 8/24/55 ad, for The Ohio Bell Telephone Company (Beginning Sunday all downtown Toledo telephone numbers change...)

Monday, 8/29/55 ad, again for The Ohio Bell Telephone Company (Be sure of the first figure after the name!...)

Another 8/29/55 ad, for Toledo Edison's new phone number, CHerry 2-5731.

More 1955 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...