January 22, 2019: See Mrs. Toledo

There are eight additions today, all from April 1955.

There's one addition to the WSPD-TV 13 News Gallery 1:

Saturday, 4/2/55 ad, for Ubelhart & the News, where you could see "Mrs. Toledo," sponsored by Ohio Fuel Gas Co.

There are three additions to the WSPD-TV 13 Ads Gallery 2:

Saturday, 4/2/55 7up ad, for Soldiers of Fortune, starring John Russell and Chcik Chandler. The show was also carried on Detroit's WWJ-TV, Channel 4.

Sunday, 4/17/55 ad, for Man Behind the Badge, with Charles Bickford, sponsored by The Ohio Oil Company.

Saturday, 4/23/55 ad, for Break the Bank, featuring Bert Parks, sponsored by Dodge Dealers.

There are three ads for radio stations...

One addition to the WSPD-AM Gallery:

Friday, 4/1/55 ad, for Down to Earth with Art and Shirl Landscadel, sposnored by F. H. Woodruff & Sons, proceessors of Woodruff's Turf Maker Grass Seed.

One addition to the WTOL-AM Gallery:

Monday, 4/11/55 ad, for news, music, sports, and networks shows carried on 1230 AM.

One addition to the WOHO-WXEZ-WKLR Gallery:

Sunday, 4/17/55 ad, for music by Mantovani on Imperial Music Hall, sponsored by Imperial Wayside Furniture.

There's also one "other" ad, and addition to the Toledo Area Events Gallery # 2:

Saturday, 4/16/55 ad, for Walbridge Park.

More 1955 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...