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May 30, 2009

There are 19 additions today from October 20 to November 2, 1979. I added another PM Magazine ad to the channel 2 page and four more to the channel 2 news page. I added one with Dave Diles to the channel 7 news page and there's two new ones on the News/Special Reports page, a channel 7 ad and a channel 11 ad. There's also an ad with Dr. Philip Thorek (All in Good Health) on the WTOL news page. I also posted some ads for The Big Show on the channel 11 page. You'll find another ad on the Sci-Fi/Horror Movies page for Halloween movies on channel 50. There's three more ads on the channel 20 page, two for the Valerie Harper series Rhoda. There's another ad with Jim Tichy on the 24 News page as well as one for All in the Family on the channel 24 page. And finally there's one more on the Other Vintage Ads page for a 4 ft. Mitsubishi projection TV. Coming next: November 1979 sweeps ads.


May 29, 2009

I added 23 more ads today from September and October 1979. There are two more PM Magazine ads on the WJBK page. There are three ads for the game show, Three's a Crowd on the channel 4 page and one on the channel 24 page. I added another Action news ad (with LeGoff, Biscoe, Adderly and Hodak) on the channel 7 news page. On the channel 9 page you'll find another ad for the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I added two more ads to the WTOL page for The Match Game/Joker's Wild and for an episode of The Baxters. I added a few more to the channel 13 page for their late-afternoon and early evening shows. There are four more ads on the channel 20 page (with pics by Eric Seltzer). One is for the New Soupy Sales Show. On the channel 50 page you'll find one for Dinah and Friends and two for Make Me Laugh and Benny Hill. There's a couple of network ads as well. One is on the NBC page for the Rockford Files episode with Mariette Hartley, who was doing Polaroid commercials with James Garner around that time and the other (on the CBS page) is for the CBS 2-part movie "Flesh and Blood." And on the Other Vintage Ads page you'll find one for the Norwood XLP 24-hour cassette recorder/player which was used for listening to entire novels on tape.


May 28, 2009

I added 27 more ads today from July-September, 1979. There's an ad for the TV premiere of "Animal Crackers" starring the Marx Brothers on the CBS page. I find it hard to believe that this movie wasn't shown on TV until 1979. There are ten more channel 50 ads: 2 on the movie page and eight more on the main channel 50 page including some more Festival of Television ads and ads for Happy Days Again and M*A*S*H. There are five more on the channel 13 page for Happy Days Again; M*A*S*H; Jim Rockford, Private Investigator (Rockford Files) and one for a Father John Powell three-part special. There are four more ads on the channel 11 news page including one for the arrival of metorologist Charles Merlin Umpenhour. There are two more on the channel 24 news page as well. I added another PM Magazine ad to the channel 2 page and there are four more channel 9 ads, including three Mary Tyler Moore ads. Coming soon: Superman and Benny Hill.


May 27, 2009

24 additional ads today from May-July, 1979. I added seven channel 50 ads: One for an encore showing of Scared Straight; three more Make Me Laugh ads with Henny Youngman, Mike Binder and James Doohan; a Detroit Express ad; one for the premiere of the Comedy Shop with Norm Crosby; another Festival of Televison ad and on the channel 50 movie page an ad for John Wayne in "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon." I added two ads for "The Rebels" premiere, one on the channel 2 page and one on the channel 24 page where you'll also find another Carol Burnett ad. You'll find another 4:00 Movie ad (Mystery Week) and one for the premiere of Saturday Night with Dr. Sonya Friedman on the channel 7 page and two more channel 7 news ads on the News/Special Reports page. There's another Make Me Laugh ad on the channel 11 page and another ad for The Big Show as well. I added three more on the channel 11 news page, one with Joe Ashton, one with Orris Tabner and one with Jeff Heitz, now hosting Hotline. There are two more on the 13 news page and one more on the channel 2 news page (Timmons, Glover, Payne and Gallagher). And finally there's an ad with Red Skelton promoting House of Windsor Cigars on the Other Vintage Ads page.

I also added another link (bottom right side of page) for the Cleveland Classic Media site. If you've never been there, check it out.


May 26, 2009

24 additions today from April and May 1979. I added another PM Magazine ad (with Dick Purtan) to the channel 2 page and another ad for Sunday afternoon shows to the channel 20 page. There are two more 4:00 Movie ads and another Match Game PM ad on the channel 7 page. You'll also find a 4:00 Movie ad for Future Shock Week on the Sci-Fi/Horror Movie page along with one from channel 50 for "The Day the Earth Stood Still." On the News/Special Reports page you'll find ads for "Will Science Replace Sex" with channel 7's Kathryn Kiefer, "Toxic Troubles" with channel 7's Rick Edlund, a channel 11 ad for Cancer in Lucas County with Bob Lawrence, "Landlords vs. Tenants" with channel 7's Don Lark and "The Oil Crises: Real or Ripoff" with channel 2's Joe Weaver, Tom Greene and Harry Gallagher. There's another Scared Straight ad, this one on the channel 11 page along with two more ads for the Big Show. I added three Make Me Laugh ads, a "Grease Day, USA" ad and one for the 5/18/79 tribute to Bill Kennedy, celebrating 10 years on channel 50 to the WKBD page. And finally I added two "The Best TV in Sight" ads to the channel 13 news page.