July 25, 2017: See the World Series on Your Television Set
Wednesday, July 26, 2017 at 7:38AM

There are twelve more ads today, all from October 1-3, 1948 editions of The Blade. There are four additions to the Radio Station Ads gallery, all for programs on WSPD-AM. The first one is a Friday, 10/1/48 ad, in the Peach Section, for Eddie Cantor's show with special guest star Dinah Shore and William Powell. The show was sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. Next is a Saturday, 10/2/48 ad, also in the Peach Section, for The Grand Ole Opry, with Red Foley, Rod Brasfield, Minnie Pearl and George Morgan. It was sponsored by Prince Albert Smoking Tobacco. There's another 10/2/48 Peach Section ad, too (Listen to WSPD 7:45 Tonight). The program listings in that day's Peach Section indicated the mystery show was called Camera Highlights. The last WSPD ad is a Sunday, 10/3/48 ad, in the Feature Section, for Fred Allen's show, Allen's Alley, sponsored by Ford. The rest of today's ads are additions to the Other Vintage ads gallery, starting with a Friday, 10/1/48 ad for Grinnell's Radio and Television Exposition, which featured a contest with $5,000 in prizes. Brands included RCA, GE, Capehart, Magnavox, Zenith, Stromberg-Carlson, and Scott. Next is another 10/1/48 ad, for the 1948 Philco Radio-Television Football Guide and Philco Portable Radios. The remaining ads are all from Sunday, 10/3/48. There's a half-page ad on page 16, for Lion Store's 91st. Anniversary (Tell us a story, Mister Lion...), followed by a half-page Behind the News Section ad, for "Northwestern Ohio's Greatest Ford Bonus Built Truck & Equipment Show," at the Sports Arena. You can find a larger version of that ad, here. The last four ads are all from the Feature Section. The first ad is for Philco's Album Length Record Player ("45 Minutes of Music from a single 12-inch Record!"). The second ad is for "A Foreign Affair" at the New Maumee Theatre, and "Saddle Pals" and "The Tender Years" at the Shoreland Theatre. The third ad is for Admiral TVs, radios, and phonographs at Shea's ("Flash! See the World Series On Your Television Set, If You Order Now!"). The fourth ad is also for Admiral products, a full-page ad for Gross Electric Company. ("Magic Mirror Television with the clearest picture of them all!"..."If you want everything in entertainment buy Admiral from Gross"). More October 1948 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...

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