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April 18, 2017: Century in Toledo

There are twelve more ads today, from the October 23-29, 1999 issue of TV Guide Magazine, and from October 23 & 29, 1999 editions of The Blade, plus one Random Pages gallery addition, a Saturday, 10/23/99 TV Guide Magazine page with some 7-8 pm listings and a "local focus close-up" for a WTVG-TV 13 special, Century in Toledo. There are two additions, from TV Guide, to the FOX gallery, starting with a Sunday, 10/24/99 full-page ad for Fox NFL Sunday with Terry, Howie, JB & Cris on the pre-game show, live from Dallas, followed by the Lions vs. Panthers on channel 36. The Lima station carried the Redskins vs. Cowboys game. There's also a Monday, 10/25/99 ad, on two pages, for the Time of Your Life series premiere epsiode, "The Time She Came to New York" and the Ally McBeal season three premeire episode, "Car Wash." There's also a larger version, here. There's one addition, from TV Guide, to the PBS gallery, a Monday, 10/25/99 ad and "editor's choice" for Wonders of the African World with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. There's also one addition, from TV Guide, to The WB gallery, a Thursday, 10/29/99 full-page ad for The WB Radio Music Awards ('N Sync, Kid Rock, Christna Aguilera, Ginuwine, Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth). There are two additons, from The Blade, to the Buckeye CableSystem gallery. The first one is a Saturday, 10/23/99 ad, in the Peach Section, for Cartoon Network's Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? Marathon. There's also a Sunday, 10/24/99 full-page ad, scanned from that week's "TV Week." The ad was for Julia Roberts Sunday on TBS, featuring "Steel Magnolias," "Sleeping with the Enemy" and "Pretty Woman," Inside the Actor's Studio: Mary Tyler Moore, on Bravo, and for Buckeye CableSystem Night at a Toledo Storm vs. Louisiana Gators game. There are three additions, from TV Guide, to the Vintage Cable Ads gallery, starting with a Saturday, 10/23/99 full-page ad for Showtime Championship Boxing. The fight was scheduled for after game one of the World Series and featured Mike Tyson vs. Orlin Norris. Next is a Wednesaday, 10/27/99 full-page ad for The New York Friars Club Roast of Jerry Stiller on Comedy Central (Booze. And cruelty. And humiliation, Like any celebrity gala...Hosted by Jason Alexander). There's also a Thursday, 10/28/99 ad for Headliners and Legends, on MSNBC (Mary Tyler Moore, Jackie Onassis, Ricky Nelson, host Matt Lauer). The last three ads today are additions, from The Blade, to the Other Vintage ads gallery, starting with a Sunday, 10/24/99 ad, in the Sports Section, for TheMetroNet.com (UT Football Pictures. More of them in color, too!). Next are two more 10/24/99 ads from the "Toledo: A Century of News" section. The first ad is for Access Toledo (Making news for the next 100 years,) the second one is a full-page ad for the University of Toledo (127 Years of Quality). More ads, from the October 30-November 5, 1999 issue of TV Guide Magazine, and from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...

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