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March 22, 2017: The Good, The Badass, The Ugly

There are ten more ads today, from the October 2-8, 1999 issue of TV Guide Magazine (Detroit edition), and from the October 2 & 3, 1999 additions of The Blade. There's also one Random Pages gallery addition, a Sunday, 10/3/99 TV Guide page with some 5:30-6:30 pm listings and a "close-up" for the season opener for the Detroit Red Wings, hosting the Buffalo Sabres on Fox Sports Detroit. The first four ads are all from TV Guide. There are two additions to the Channel 20 WDWB gallery, a Saturday, 10/2/99 ad for Relic Hunter, "Smoking Gun," with Tia Carrere (Beauty. Brains. Black Belt.), followed by a Sunday, 10/3/99 ad for Baywatch Hawaii, "Mahalo, Hawaii" (Can Sean still create the best team ever?). There are also two additions to the NBC gallery, starting with a Saturday, 10/2/99 ad for the 25th season premiere of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Jerry Seinfeld, with musical guest David Bowie. There's also a "close-up" description included. Next is a Sunday, 10/3/99 full-page ad for Third Watch, "Patterns" (It's the eight hours when every breath is life-and-death.) The next three ads are the only ones from The Blade. There's one addition to the Buckeye CableSystem gallery, a Saturday, 10/2/99 ad, in the Peach Section, for "Practical Magic," with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, on HBO. There are two additions to the ToledoVision 5 gallery, a Saturday, 10/2/99 ad for Great Moments of the 25th Century, followed by a Sunday, 10/3/99 TV Week ad, another "TV5 Millennium Moment" ad, this one for the Lucas County Courthouse. The rest of today's ads, from TV Guide, are additions to the Vintage Cable Ads gallery. There's a Sunday, 10/3/99 ad, on two pages, for "Animal Farm," a TNT original presentation from Hallmark Entertainment. You can find a larger version, here. Next is a 10/3/99 full-page ad, for Animal Planet's "World Animal Day," hosted by Kelsey Grammer. There's also another 10/3/99 full-page ad, for the series premiere of G vs. E, also known as Good vs Evil, on USA Network (The Good, The Badass, The Ugly). The first episode was called "Choose Your Own Evil." More ads, from the October 2-8, 1999 issue of TV Guide Magazine (Detroit edition), and from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...

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