March 2, 2017: 9 | 9 | 99
Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 2:19PM

There are sixteen more ads today, all from the September 4-10, 1999 issue of TV Guide Magazine, plus one Random Pages gallery addition, a Tuesday, 9/7/99 TV Guide Magazine page with some 6:30-7:00 pm listings and a half-page "sports close-up" for The ESPN 20th Anniversary Special. There's one addition to the Jerry Lewis Telethon gallery, a Sunday, 9/5/99 full-page ad for The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, which was seen in this area on WTVG-TV 13. There's also one addition to the NBC gallery, a Monday, 9/6/99 ad, on two pages, for Today (Al Roker, Katie Couric, Ann Curry, Matt Lauer) and for the day-after-Labor Day premiere of Later Today (Asha Blake, Jodi Applegate, Florence Henderson). A larger version of that ad can be found here. The remaining fourteen ads are additions to the Vintage Cable Ads gallery starting with a full-page color ad for The MTV Video Music Awards, sponsored by Ford (9I9I99). The next five ads, for that same event, are all in one image. Each ad appeared on a different day's listings, Saturday through Wednesday (5,4,3,2,1 days until...). Next is a Thursday, 9/9/99 ad and "music close-up," again for that same event (Chris Rock, Ricky Martin), followed by a 9/9/99 full-page ad (mtv rocks the from the metropolitan opera house). Next are two more full-page color ads, for It's Itsy Bitsy Time on Fox Family Channel. The first ad features "Charley & Mimmo," the second ad features "The Animal Shelf." Next is a Sunday, 9/5/99 ad for a marathon of "the 11 sexiest episodes ever" of Beverly Hills, 90210 on FX ("Hot. Hotter. Hottest. 90210 Swimsuit Issue"). There's also a 9/5/99 full-page ad, for William Shakespeare's "Hamlet" on TNT. It's followed by a Monday, 9/6/99 full-page ad, for a marathon of nine NYPD Blue episodes on FX ("the Best of Blue"). Next is a Monday, 9/6/99 ad for A&E's Biography, featuring child stars Ron Howard, Kurt Russell, Drew Barrymore, The Osmonds, and Hayley Mills. More ads, from the September 11-17, 1999 "Fall Preview" issue of TV Guide Magazine, are on the way...

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