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February 5, 2017: Don't Touch That 'dile!

You'll find eleven more ads today, from the August 28 - September 3, 1999 issue of TV Guide Magazine and from August 31 and September 1 & 2, 1999 editions of The Blade, plus one Random Pages gallery addition, a Tuesday, 8/31/99-Wednesday, 9/1/99 TV Guide Magazine page with some 1-2:05 am listings and a "close-up on a classic" for the Mary Tyler Moore episode, "Chuckles Bites the Dust." There's one addition, from TV Guide, to the Ohio & W. Pennsylvania gallery, a Monday, 8/31/99 full-page ad for Divorce Court on WOHL-TV 25 in Lima. There are four additions, from The Blade, to the Buckeye CableSystem gallery starting with a Tuesday, 8/31/99 ad, in the Peach Section, for Bravo Profiles: Grace Kelly. Next is a Wednesday, 9/1/99 full-page ad, on page 26, for Buckeye Express (How fast is Buckeye Express High-Speed Internet Service? It's Blazing!) There's also a 9/1/99 Peach Section ad, for Powerpuff Girls, on Cartoon Network, followed by a Thursday, 9/2/99 ad, also in the Peach Section, for Alice on TNN. There are four additions, from TV Guide, to the Vintage Cable Ads gallery, too, starting with a Sunday, 8/29/99 full-page ad for "Croc Week" with Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, on Animal Planet (Don't Touch That 'dile!) There's another 8/29/99 full-page ad for the Showtime Original Picture, "Strange Justice." followed by one more 8/29/99 full-page ad, for the HBO special, Cher: Live in Concert. There's also a Thursday, 9/2/99 ad, for the Turner Classic Movies 44-movie festival, Hollywood Heavyweights, featuring "Somebody Up There Likes Me" and "Gentleman Jim." The ad's picture was of Sylvester Stallone and Talia Shire from "Rocky." The last two ads today are additions to the Other Vintage ads gallery. The first one, from TV Guide is a two-page color ad for Dish Network. There's a larger version, here. It's followed by a Thursday, 9/2/99 ad, from The Blade, announcing the 12th annual Blade Corporate Spelling Bee at the Radisson Hotel. I seem to be missing a couple of TV Guides from my collection (September 4-9 and 11-17, 1999 issues) so more ads, only from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...

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