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February 26, 2017: ...And Again

There are twelve more ads today, from the September 18-24, 1999 issue of TV Guide Magazine and from the September 24, 1999 edition of The Blade. There are two additions, from TV Guide, to the ABC gallery starting with a Tuesday, 9/21/99 full-page ad for the Once and Again series premiere (Sela Ward, Billy Campbell). There's also a Wednesday, 9/22/99 "Fold and connect Point A to Point B' ad for the Norm episode, "Norm vs. Love" (Norm MacDonald, Faith Ford). For a look at how the ad looked after folding, click here. There are three additions, from TV Guide, to the CBS gallery starting with a Tuesday, 9/21/99 full-page ad for the Judging Amy episode, "Short Calendar" (Amy Brenneman, Tyne Daly). Next is a Friday, 9/24/99 full-page ad for the second "...and Again" series to premiere that week, Now and Again, "Origins" (Eric Close, Dennis Haysbert, Margaret Colin). There's also another 9/24/99 ad, for the Nash Bridges fifth season premiere, "Truth and Consequences" (Don Johnson, Cheech Marin, Yasmine Bleeth). There are four additions, to the NBC gallery starting with a Wednesday, 9/22/99 ad, on two pages, for the series premiere of The West Wing. There's a larger version of that ad, here. Next is a Thursday, 9/23/99 two-page ad for the Friends sixth season opener, "The One After Vegas" and the Jesse second-season premiere, "Jesse's New Job" (Christina Applegate), followed by another 9/23/99 two-page ad, for the Frasier seventh season premiere episode, "Momma Mia" and the series premiere of Stark Raving Mad (Neil Patrick Harris, Tony Shalhoub). There are larger versions of those two ads, here and here. And there's a 9/23/99 full-page ad for the first episode of Third Watch, "Welcome to Camelot." There's just one addition, also from TV Guide, to The WB gallery, a Friday, 9/24/99 ad, for two episodes of The Jamie Foxx Show, "Just Fancy" and "Mr. Bo-Jingles," The Steve Harvey Show, "Detention Peddler," and For Your Love, "The Thanks You Get" (Tonight, the groove moves to Fridays.) There's one addition, the only one today from The Blade, to the Buckeye CableSystem gallery, a Friday, 9/24/99 ad, in the Peach Section, for The Jersey, on the Disney Channel. Today's last ad, is an addition, from TV Guide, to the Vintage Cable Ads gallery, a Tuesday, 9/21/99 full-page ad for Reverb on HBO. I just found the the two "missing" TV Guides (September 4-10 & 11-17, 1999 issues), so more ads, from the September 4-10, 1999 issue of TV Guide Magazine are on the way...

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