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February 12, 2017: A TV5 Millennium Moment

There are eleven more ads today, from September 4-8, 1999 editions of The Blade, plus two Random Pages gallery additions. The first one is a Monday, 9/6/99 Peach Section story by Chris Borrelli, "NFL TV Rules Border on the Absurd." The other one is a Wednesday, 9/8/99 front page story by Lawrie Mifflin, "Viacom to Acquire CBS for $37 Billion." There are six additions to the Buckeye CableSystem gallery starting with a Saturday, 9/4/99 ad, in the Sports Section, for ESPN Game Plan on Impulse Entertainment. Next are two 9/4/99 Peach Section ads, the first ad for "P.U.N.K.S." on Disney Channel, the second ad for Sci-Fi Channel's Three Dog Night of "Atomic Dog," "The Fury Within," and "Cujo." There's also a Sunday, 9/5/99 full-page TV Week ad for Chicago Cubs baseball games on WGN, "Barney's Great Adventure: The Movie," on TMC, "Star Wars" on TBS, and "Hamlet" on TNT. There's also a Monday, 9/6/99 ad, in the Peach Section, for Labor Day Movies on TBS, including "Space Jam" (Michael Jordan) and "Back to the Future." And there's a Tuesday, 9/7/99 ad, also in the Peach Section, for A&E's Biography of Kurt Russell. There are three additions to the ToledoVision 5 gallery starting with a Saturday, 9/4/99 ad, in the Peach Section, one of two for their 10th Anniversary (Get to Know Us Better!...Visit us on www.tv5toledo.com...Get the latest!), followed by a Sunday, 9/5/99 TV Week ad for three shows on The WB, 7th Heaven, "All Dogs Go to Heaven," Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Consequences," and Dawson's Creek, "Reunited." There's also another 9/5/99 TV Week ad, "A TV5 Millennium Moment" about the Toledo Museum of Art (TV 5 host, Teresa Pollick). The last two ads today are additions to the Other Vintage ads gallery. There's a Tuesday, 9/7/99 full-page ad for "Truth: The Anti-Drug," an "Office of National Drug Control Policy/Partnership for a Drug-Free Ohio and America" ad. It's followed by a Wednesday, 9/8/99 full-page ad for Gander Mountain's Toledo grand opening (You're the kid. We're the candy store. Only with tents and lures and camo and stuff.) By the way, all of the "TV Week" ads today were scanned from an actual newspaper "TV Week" in my collection.




More September 1999 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...

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