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April 18, 2013: Limelight Tonight

I added eleven more ads today, from July and August 1983, plus four more Random Pages gallery additions from Peach Sections of The Blade. If you find the text on some of these hard to read, it's because the source material was of unusually poor quality. The first one is a Saturday, 7/23/83 story by Seymour Rothman, “Baseball Magnates Plotting Against Free TV Sports.” Next is a Thursday, 8/4/83 story by Ralph Kisiel, “WRQN-FM Begins Broadcast Of Contemporary Hit Disks,” followed by a Tuesday, 8/16/83 story by Tom Gearhart, “Channel 30 Slates New Fund Raiser” and also includes other items concerning WGTE-TV, WSPD-AM, WDHO-TV, WTOD-AM, WTOL-TV, and WTVG's Frank Venner and Jeanne Washko. The last one is a Wednesday, 8/17/83 story from The Blade's Washington Bureau, “FCC Studies New TV Channel For Toledo,” which would eventually be WLMB-TV. There's one addition to the Channel 11 gallery, a Thursday, 8/18/83 ad for another Liberty Mutual special, Kelsey's Son (Chuck Connors, Mark Patton, Patrick O'Neal). There's one addition to the News/Special Reports Ads gallery, a Monday, 8/15/83 ad for a 13 Strong News series of “Back to School” reports by Jera Jackson. There are four additions to the PBS gallery for programs on channel 30 including a Saturday, 8/13/83 ad for Gary Jenkins' Magic of Floral Painting, made possible locally by Perrysburg Paint & Palette. The other three are for Festival 83 programming, including a Saturday, 8/20/83 ad for All Star Swing Reunion and the movie, “Love Me Tender.” Next is a Monday, 8/22/83 ad for the movie, “10 North Frederick” (Gary Cooper). There's also a Tuesday, 8/23/83 ad for Nova, “The Miracle of Life” and the National Geographic Special, “Rain Forest.” There are two additions to the Buckeye CableSystem gallery, a Friday, 7/22/83 ad for CableSystem Night at the Rec Center (Catch The Mud Hens...) and a Sunday, 8/7/83 ad featuring “Our Gang.” There's also one addition to the CableSystem Ch 5 gallery, a Sunday, 7/31/83 ad for Limelight Tonight. Today's last two ads are additions to the Other Vintage ads gallery, a Friday, 7/15/83 ad for Fox radar detectors at Marko Wholesale, and a Tuesday, 8/23/83 full-page ad for AT&T, after the breakup of the Bell System. September and October1983 ads from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...

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