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Vintage Toledo (and Detroit)TV

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I grew up watching television in the Toledo, Ohio area. My earliest memories of TV were from the early 1960s. We watched TV on a black and white Zenith which only had a VHF tuner. My dad put up an antenna on the garage roof so we could pull in the Detroit channels too. That meant we could get a grand total of six channels most of the time. Channels 2, 4 and 7 from Detroit and Channel 9 from Windsor plus the two Toledo channels, 11 and 13. Back then 11 showed programs from both CBS and NBC and 13 showed prograns from ABC and NBC. Up in Detroit channel 2 was CBS, 4 was NBC and 7 was ABC. Channel 9 showed CBC shows but was almost like an independent station most of the time.

I don't remember the exact year we got our first color set but it must have been the late sixties. With it's UHF tuner we got two more Toledo channels, Channels 24 and 30. Channel 30 was NET (later PBS) and Channel 24 showed the network shows that 11 and 13 didn't. It was 1969 when Toledo finally had one network affiliated with each station. 11 became the CBS affiliate, 13 the NBC affiliate and 24 the ABC affiliate.

This website will primarily be a place to view print ads from the 1960s and '70s for Toledo and Detroit TV stations. You'll find ads for The Big Show on WTOL-TV 11, Sir Graves Ghastly on WJBK-TV 2, Swingin' Time on CKLW-TV9, Happy Time with Skippy the Scarecrow on WDHO-TV24, Bill Kennedy Showtime on WKBD-TV 50, Channel 7 Action News on WXYZ, Michigan Outdoors on WWJ-TV4 and many more.

Most of the ads were scanned from my collection of old TV Guide Magazines and some are from Detroit News TV Magazines and from Newspaper ads. All images are labeled with the source.

I'll be changing the images available, removing some and adding others, so keep checking for updates.